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Breakfasts at Courthouse Inn are truly memorable.

Start your morning with a cup of cappuccino or espresso (or coffee, tea, or juice), followed by your choice of appetizer (example: Fresh fruit salad with yogurt , hot entree, and finish with dessert (Why not, you’re on holiday!).

Some examples of hot entrees are: Baked egg  Soufflé with bacon and cheese, Savory Korean style pancake, or enjoy a Breakfast Wrap with cheese crisp and then finish with warm Chocolate Truffle Cake, Wild Blueberry Cake or Ice cream.

When you arrive for your breakfast, you will find your own table with a name card for your party or you can join with other guests of the inn.




Shawn and Young Seon Cook
312 Kootenay Street - Box 3180
Revelstoke BC V0E 2S0
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